1. Also the math thing
  2. [00:54]Its pretty simple tbh i dont get most of the shit on the first second or tenth try
  3. [00:54]You have to believe that on the twentieth or thirtieth try it will work
  4. [00:54]What I always trust is that my time devoted will always pay off with math
  5. [00:55]Theres a few geniuses that just get it but most people like us have to struggle
  6. [00:55]Its all part of the process
  7. [00:55]Never give up and you’ll succeed
  8. [00:55]You came from a background where every class is piss easy
  9. [00:56]But you have to stand straight in the face of your challenges instead of shrinking in fear
  10. [00:56]Most math topics are not meant to be easy
  11. [00:56]So you should enjoy struggling
  12. [00:56]That means you’re doing the right thing – you find a difficult class to be difficult – thats normal
  13. [00:57]But a lot of people before you have graduated and probably even gotten perfect gpa’s in these classes
  14. [00:57]You can do it too
  15. [00:57]Theres no secret formula
  16. [00:58]Remember to also take breaks because math is best learned when digested in pieces
  17. [00:58]When you know the topic bit by bit you can piece it all together and get the full picture
  18. [00:59]But yeah its not that I dont feel discouraged, its that I accept this feeling where things dont make sense, but I have to be optimistic
  19. [00:59]And it’s been working forever, for me and for everyone else, stay optimistic, never give up, work work work
  20. [00:59]Also helps to think of what you’re gonna do
  21. [00:59]For me I think I want to be a great math teacher so I want to know everything and be able to tell my students about all the things math is useful for
  22. [01:00]And if I don’t become that teacher, no one else will
  23. [01:00]So for the sake of not being a shit teacher, I feel motivated to tackle difficult classes so I can spread the knowledge and, hopefully, explain these hard classes in a simple way so that the students after me can think “oh this is easy” thats my ultimate goal
  24. [01:00]It makes me a better person, not just a better student
  25. [01:00]:prayge:
  26. [01:01]Life loves to beat you down but you need to learn to retaliate
  27. [01:01]Never stay down
  28. [01:01]Get up as many times as you get beat down
  29. [01:02]You’d be surprised because you’re gonna be more successful in life and also your career
  30. [01:02]Thats my take
  31. [01:02]Hang in there
  32. [01:03]Im coming to cal in
  33. [01:03]9 months




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